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Public Transport - The various kinds of means of transportation in Thailand. All you need to know about transport by airplanes, trains, buses, boats, transportation on the island and much more, Koh Samui, Thailand

Présentation des différents
moyens de transport
By plane| By train| By coach|By boat| On the island


You hesitate between the train or the bus? The plane? Fares? No need to go farther, you are at the right place!

This page is in a sense home to "transport" columns, which are presented to you in a general way. Then before beginning to click everywhere, if you wish for information on various kinds of public transport, read continuation, on the other hand, if you want directly to get acquainted with timetables or fares, click links within the framework of the top of the page, and you will be steered towards pages in question which also contain some explanations on each of various means of transportation.

Know that Thailand is extremely well organized when it comes to the purpose of transport, you only have to get yourselves the ticket for the destination of your dreams and let you be leaded!

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It is by far the most expensive means to be taken to come here, but obviously the fastest, ideal for the persons who have only a little time.

The only company which connects Koh Samui with direct flights is Bangkok Airways.

If you wish to come here rather quickly and still not too much expensive, you can fly to Suratthani (Thai Airways), from the airport there are minibuses which shuttle (about 1 driving hour) up to Donsak's port, ferry boats place of departure. On the other hand, do not go by evening flights because, on your arrival, there won't be anymore available ferry boats for Samui and you should spend a night in Suratthani.

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On trains, service is impeccable and timetables are generally respected in the minute! Well, it is true trains are not fast (for example 600 km in 12 hours), set apart it, trains remain a very pleasant and sure means of locomotion.

Car-sleepers, departure on early evening and about 2 hours after your departure, the personnel comes to make your bed (clean sheets). There is a berth at the top and one below, if you are tall, we advise you the bottom couchette (a little more expensive though) because more spacious and airier.

You can have a snack in some trains, but generally it is terrible and rather expensive. We suggest you to stock up with food in stations or in the surroundings, because in any Thai city, there is always a market or itinerant stands near by to eat. When you will cross stations, there are almost always people who get on the train (with the exception of night trains) or by the window who will sell to you a wide range of delicious food, cheap and good.

Coaches are non-smoking but you can go smoke in spaces between them.

An advice: book your ticket!
At least 2-3 days in advance if you want to be sure to be able to travel in the foreseen date. Air-conditioning car-sleepers are real "refrigerators", if you are "sensitive to the cold" prefer carriages 2-nd class with fan.

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Here is the most economic means of transport (except for the VIP), rather fast, and it is necessary all the same to say it, relatively practical.

There are several categories of coaches, the regional (non air-conditioning, wide opened windows), the air-conditioning and the VIP.
It stops almost every time a person holds out the hand by the roadside, no air-conditioning, wide opened windows but you could have very pleasant encounters in it with the local people, and you travel really for an absurdly low fare.

The local coach
For the second, we could even separate it in 2 categories:
1) For "Farangs" (= occidental white man)
2) For Thais
For "Farangs", ticket bought on Khao San Road (Bangkok) or in an agency, a bus which you take from a tourist place, to another tourist place, generally well enough, organized with boat connections.
For the Thai one, air-conditioning, the one that we advise you, nice coach, ticket to be bought on the departure (come at least 1 hour earlier) at the bus stations.
The air-con
They (almost) all travel by night. You leave Bangkok between 5.30 and 8 pm and journey lasts generally 10-12 hours until Suratthani, about 650 kilometres south of Bangkok.

On all the coaches, they put on a movie (in Thai language or sometimes in English) or the Thai TV during 2 hours after your departure.
All stop one or several times during the route at local kinds of truck stop restaurants, in the middle of the night, all lights on, and everybody up to go eat and to go to toilet. VIP buses mainly have their own bathrooms.

The VIP ("very important person")
Very comfortable, 24 seats, folding seats bed way (or almost), place enough for legs, briefly it is good, but as expensive as a car-sleepers ticket, it is up to you.

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About one hour and a half of sea crossing for Samui, can contain vehicles, small snack bar inside, full of seats, wide pontoon for the sunbathing and even for the most hard to please, an "air-conditioning" cabin for a surcharge of 40 baht. The ferry boat

The express boat Long rather narrow boat, lots of backpackers but which has its charm and all the transfers are easy. When the sea is choppy, "pitches" a little...

New "express" connection (since January, 2002) from Suratthani city. Only 2 hours and you will arrive directly at Nathon's port. A little more expensive than the other boats, but air-conditioning and practical.

First sea crossing runned to go on islands, very local but very nice, "beds" available for travelers.
The sea crossing lasts nearly from 5 to 5.30 hours (but you can sleep...). Departure at the end of the day.
The night boat

A kind of speed boat Used a lot from Koh Tao's connections to the various islands in the surroundings or by various daytrips tours and some diving schools. Very fast (Koh Tao-Koh Phan-Ngan = 45 minutes, normal boat = 2 hours), rather expensive, but the "feeling" is there!

For that rubric, we do not give you too many details, as the page which refers to it is very complete (with small photos also), and you will have the impression that we repeat ourselves... Well, a small advice, wear glasses while riding motorcycle!

Did you choose?

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